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The Madlove Workshops were designed to be an empowering and positive intervention into the lives of those who have experienced mental health. Participants were fully supported in developing ideas for a utopian space to experience mental health. Ideas that we could advocate nationally and internationally, as well as ideas that could be applied directly to their own daily lives.

The workshops provided a place where the boundaries of money and the laws of physics could be temporarily removed. Creative, lateral thinking was stimulated through simple exercises. Rather than solving problems within the existing provision of mental health care, we created an entirely new vision that renders those problems irrelevant.

We hosted 17 Madlove Workshops across England and Europe, attended by a total of 432 people (75% with personal experience of mental health). The workshops were held at a range of locations, from arts venues to secure psychiatric hospitals. These were: Artsadmin, Bethlem, Broadland Clinic, Broadmoor Hospital, Core Arts, Dr Guislain Hospital, FACT, Fierce, Gessnerallee, Guild Lodge, Homo Novus, NAGAS, Nottingham Contemporary, Prague Quadrennial, Riga Mental Health Hospital and Southbank Centre.

The key findings of the workshops are available as an illustration by Rosie Cunningham.